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"Let Me Be Your Voice!"
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Darrell L. Dorris
Age: 47
Occupation: Pastor/Appointed Councilmember


Darrell Dorris, has spent his life serving our community and helping others. As a former Community Service Officer of the Los Angeles County Probation Department and now as a Pastor for seventeen years, Darrell Dorris has worked to make our city safer and improve our quality of life.

A resident for over twenty years, he and his wife, Roshunda Dorris, have four children who graduated from local schools and are now full-time college students.

In recognition of his efforts to hear and meet the concerns of the local community and bridge the gap between city government and Lancaster’s faith-based leaders, Darrell Dorris was appointed Deputy Mayor in 2017.

Deputy Mayor 

  • Supported BYD and Jobs to Move America in their commitment to hiring local workers, allowing more residents to avoid the long commutes to L.A.
  • Galvanized 30 Pastors to prevent the loss of 800 incredibly important jobs. 
  • Collaborated with the local Sherriff’s Department to implement community policing efforts and awareness to help fight crime.
  • Brought together leaders from law enforcement and the community to eliminate many of the misperceptions about the city and our committed law enforcement professionals.
  • Worked together with faith-based organizations, non-profits and the city, to develop creative compassionate solutions to reduce the homelessness crisis facing not only our community, but state and nation.

  • Worked to bring high quality, mortgage-paying jobs to the Antelope Valley.

  • Bridged relationships between the city and businesses to create better societal outcomes


Your Public Servant – Darrell Dorris is committed to working with local schools to help students succeed.  He developed and sponsored the “Back to School Block Party,” collecting and distributing backpacks, school supplies, haircuts, and free health checks for local children. He sponsored a $5,000 gas giveaway to supplement fuel cost for families, provided food and clothing banks, and provides the youth and young adult community mentoring and counseling programs to help them succeed.


More than a City Councilman – As a Pastor within the Lancaster Community, Darrell and Roshunda Dorris have successfully grown their church, Living Faith, from a faithful start in 2002 of thirty supporters, to nearly 1000 members.


Community service is at the heart of Darrell Dorris’ mission. He has been active with the Department of Children and Family Services’ Cultural Broker Program and the Los Angeles County Project Fatherhood to help teach life skills and mentor young men and women in the Antelope Valley.

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